King Charles' health condition prevents him from planning Ireland visit

King Charles' health condition prevents him from planning Ireland visit

It is believed the monarch 'definitely' does 'want to visit' the Republic of Ireland

King Charles's plans for a state trip to Ireland aimed at strengthening Anglo-Irish relations are uncertain as he undergoes cancer treatment. 

According to a senior government source, the monarch desires to visit the country, but preparations would require four to six months.

The proposed visit follows the footsteps of Queen Elizabeth II and George V, both of whom visited Ireland during their reigns. London and Dublin are reportedly eager to proceed with the trip to foster improved relations.

However, a UK Government source noted that although King Charles and Queen Camilla are keen to attend, organizing the trip could take officials up to six months. The King's health condition will also factor into the decision-making process.

During the visit, Charles would be expected to participate in various events in Dublin and other parts of Ireland, spanning several days. As the Prince of Wales, he previously made history as the first member of the British Royal Family to visit Ireland after its declaration of independence from Britain in 1919.

Queen Elizabeth's historic tour of independent Ireland in 2011 included a four-day itinerary that featured her delivering a personal speech in Irish and visiting Croke Park stadium, where British forces' actions resulted in the deaths of 14 people.

The potential visit by King Charles coincides with newly elected Labour's plans to mend relations with Ireland.

It follows comments by Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris who said the next generation will "never forgive us" if the opportunity to reset Anglo-Irish relations is not used.

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