Harry Potter alum Emma Watson's 'mystery man' finally revealed

Harry Potter alum Emma Watson's 'mystery man' finally revealed

Emma Watson’s ‘mystery man’ revealed: Source
Emma Watson’s ‘mystery man’ revealed: Source

Harry Potter alum Emma Watson’s mystery man has recently been revealed, who will be an Oxford University student.

A source spilled to The Sun, “Emma is studying creative writing and his thesis is all about literary theory - so they have a lot to talk about. She looked so loved-up with Kieran.”

The outlet reported that Emma is dating Kieran Brown, who is doing a PhD in 19th century literature and economics.

In the photo shared via the outlet, Emma was seen kissing Kieran. She was also spotted with him at a bakery on July 5 before the pair went public with their romance.

Previously, Emma dated the son of one-time King of the High Street Sir Philip Green for 18 months before going their separate ways over the Christmas period.

The source noted, “Emma is said to love someone who can match her intelligence and has always had brainy boyfriends.”

The source also revealed that Emma had hired a security team so she could go to university and complete her studies at Oxford.

A source told the publication, “The course is for older adults and can be done on a part-time basis, which is perfect for Emma’s schedule. She only has to be on site for four or five days a year because she can do the rest of the course online from home.”

“Because she’s a famous actress, she’ll have a security team looking after her whenever she has classes to go to. There have been a few incidents recently and she is taking every precaution necessary to ensure her safety,” added an insider.

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