Facebook tries out 'Clear Mode' for better Reel viewing

Facebook tries out 'Clear Mode' for better Reel viewing

Facebook is testing a new "Clear Mode" for Reels, aiming to offer an uncluttered viewing experience. Screenshots shared by app researcher Radu Oncescu reveal that the social media giant is experimenting with an option allowing users to hide descriptions and UI buttons on Reels clips.

Tech website, social media today reports that, Meta's "Clear Mode," activated by long-pressing the screen, aims to enhance the viewing experience by making it easier to watch Reels without obstructions. This feature could be particularly useful for clips with elements obscured by on-screen text and buttons.

Although the feature is not yet active, Meta has been testing a similar functionality on Instagram for several months, though it has not seen a widespread release. Facebook’s Clear Mode appears to be following suit, with no immediate availability for all users.

This move aligns with TikTok's existing feature that allows users to clear UI and description text by long-pressing on a clip. However, TikTok’s functionality requires clearing the display for each video individually, with UI elements returning upon swiping to the next video. Meta’s Reels Clear Mode is expected to function similarly, maintaining focus on the creator of each clip.

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