The Karachi police have initiated an investigation into allegations of sexual assault against a school principal.


In a harrowing turn of events, the police launched an investigation on Tuesday against the principal of a private school in Karachi’s Gulshan-i-Hadeed. He was arrested a day ago on allegations of raping and blackmailing women, sending shockwaves throughout the community.

A Disturbing Revelation

Steel Town Station house Officer (SHO) Nand Lal, on a fateful Monday, informed that the principal’s arrest was prompted by the circulation of videos depicting alleged rapes on social media platforms and Whatsapp groups. The gravity of the situation deepened as these videos garnered widespread attention.

A Chilling Confession

The arrested suspect did not attempt to evade the consequences of his actions. Shockingly, he “confessed” to having committed these heinous acts within the confines of the school. His modus operandi was to lure women with the promise of employment within the institution and subsequently exploit them, using the captured videos as a tool for blackmail.

Uncovering the Evidence

The initial spark that led to this investigation was ignited when a vigilant technician named Ali Lodhi stumbled upon these incriminating videos while repairing CCTV cameras within the school premises. These videos were soon unleashed on social media, and another individual, identified as Shakeel, approached the principal, demanding a staggering Rs1 million as extortion.

The Pursuit of Justice

Today, Malir Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) (Investigation) Ali Mardan Khoso declared that the suspect was securely in police custody as authorities diligently pursued the investigation. Preliminary findings indicated that these actions were attributed to the principal alone, with no indication of a larger conspiracy.

A Glimmer of Remorse

During the initial inquiry, the suspect admitted to having “personal relations” with the female victims but clarified that they were not associated with his institution as teachers or employees. He expressed remorse for his reprehensible actions, although it does little to alleviate the suffering he has caused.

A Specialized Investigative Team

Recognizing the sensitive nature of the case, Malir Senior Superintendent of Police Hassan Sardar formed an investigative team led by a deputy superintendent of police (DSP). This team includes a female inspector, ensuring that female victims can provide their statements comfortably and without hesitation during the investigation process.

Legal Action Unfolds

The legal wheels have been set in motion as the Steel Town police filed the first information report (FIR) against the school principal. Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Aftab Husain initiated the complaint, invoking Sections 376 (punishment for rape), 506 (punishment for criminal intimidation), and 509 (sexual harassment) of the Pakistan Penal Code, along with Section 25 of the Telegraph Act.

A Vigilant Community

ASI Husain and his fellow police officers, while on duty, were alerted to the viral videos through “special informants.” These vigilant individuals identified the person involved in the videos as Irfan Memon, the owner of IGM School in Gulshan-i-Hadeed’s Phase-II. Swift action was taken as the police descended upon the school, apprehending the suspect and confiscating his cell phone for investigative purposes.

In conclusion, this shocking incident serves as a grim reminder of the vulnerabilities that persist in our society. It is imperative that we, as a community, remain vigilant and proactive in our pursuit of justice for the victims. Let this case be a beacon of hope, demonstrating that the law will not tolerate such heinous crimes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What were the charges filed against the school principal?

    • The principal faces charges under Sections 376 (punishment for rape), 506 (punishment for criminal intimidation), and 509 (sexual harassment) of the Pakistan Penal Code, along with Section 25 of the Telegraph Act.

  2. Was there any indication of a larger conspiracy behind these crimes?

    • According to the preliminary investigation, the suspect claimed that these actions were an “individual act,” and no group was involved. However, further inquiries are ongoing.

  3. How did the authorities ensure the comfort and cooperation of the female victims during the investigation?

    • A specialized investigative team, including a female inspector, was formed to ensure that female victims could provide their statements comfortably and without hesitation during the investigation process.

  4. What prompted the initial investigation into the principal’s actions?

    • The investigation was initiated when videos of the alleged rapes went viral on social media and were shared on Whatsapp groups. A vigilant technician discovered these videos while repairing CCTV cameras at the school.

  5. What actions have been taken against the individuals who demanded extortion from the principal?

    • As of now, Ali Lodhi and Shakeel, the individuals who demanded extortion from the principal, are not in detention for interrogation. Their precise involvement will be ascertained as the investigation progresses.

For more updates on this case, stay tuned to reputable news sources and the official statements from law enforcement agencies.

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