PTI perceives Nawaz Sharif’s return as part of a ‘deal.’


The Imran Khan-led Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has asserted that former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s return to the country was part of a “deal” and marked a shift in his stance.

Nawaz Sharif, the three-time former prime minister and leader of the PML-N, arrived in Pakistan after a four-year self-imposed exile in London. He addressed a massive gathering at Lahore’s Minar-e-Pakistan. Sharif had been residing in London since 2019, having been allowed to travel there for health reasons.

In his first speech upon returning, Sharif, known for his critical remarks against the establishment, announced that he had no desire for vengeance.

During a press conference in Islamabad, PTI spokesperson Advocate Shoaib Shaheen criticized the return of what he referred to as a “fugitive” to the country, describing it as the imposition of a criminal as a state guest.

Shaheen also criticized the PML-N, attributing the country’s highest inflation rate over the past 16 months to Nawaz and Shehbaz Sharif, accusing them of deceiving the public.

He expressed disapproval of the police’s actions in raiding a PTI corner meeting in Lahore and conducting house searches of PTI supporters, citing privacy violations.

Furthermore, Shaheen stated that if the incarcerated PTI Chairman Imran Khan were permitted to hold a rally, it would surpass the PML-N’s power show. Imran Khan was ousted from power through a parliamentary vote in April of the previous year.

Shaheen alleged that Nawaz Sharif’s return was part of the “London plan” disclosed by the PTI chairman a year prior.

Regarding the ex-premier’s biometric verification at Islamabad airport, the PTI spokesperson noted that people observed how a criminal was granted bail.

He also contended that Imran Khan was the victim of political victimization, though he did not explicitly name the establishment. Shaheen urged an end to experimentation and advocated for the people’s right to vote as they wish.

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