Prime Minister Kakar expresses Pakistan’s endorsement of a two-state resolution for the Palestine matter.


Interim Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq stated on Monday that a resolution in line with the aspirations of Palestine is crucial for peace in the Middle East. He highlighted escalating tensions in the region, with Israel imposing a total blockade on Gaza, raising concerns of a ground invasion.

Israeli airstrikes targeting residential areas in Gaza have led to the loss of 570 Palestinian lives, while Hamas’ attack on Saturday resulted in around 1,000 casualties on the Israeli side, according to Israel’s foreign ministry. Hamas has also threatened to execute Israeli civilian hostages live on broadcast if further bombings occur without warning.

During an interview on PTV, Prime Minister Kakar reaffirmed Pakistan’s stance on the Palestine issue, emphasizing support for a two-state solution that aligns with the aspirations of the Palestinian people. He stressed that resolving this issue is essential for achieving peace in the Middle East.

PM Kakar noted that Israel’s continued rejection of the two-state solution only complicates the current situation. He also condemned the dissemination of misinformation in the name of freedom of expression.

Regarding economic matters, he emphasized the importance of policy continuity and the need for an economic revival plan to ensure stability in the country. He expressed hope that political parties would come to a consensus on this matter.

PM Kakar highlighted Pakistan’s success in countering terrorism, stating that terrorists have never been able to capture any part of the country. He praised the effectiveness of counter-insurgency policies and pledged the security forces’ unwavering commitment to eradicating terrorism.

He emphasized the need to strengthen civilian institutions, similar to the country’s military establishments.

Regarding the upcoming general elections, the prime minister stated that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has the authority to announce the election date. He assured that the caretaker government would assist the ECP in conducting free, fair, and impartial elections and would work to enhance service delivery mechanisms as a model for future elected governments.

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