Prime Minister Kakar and President Putin hold talks on Middle East affairs and bilateral relations in Beijing.

Prime Minister Kakar

Interim Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar engaged in talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, addressing a spectrum of topics, encompassing bilateral relations and the ongoing Middle East scenario.

During their encounter on the sidelines of the Third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing, both leaders conducted a comprehensive assessment of bilateral collaboration, with particular emphasis on trade, investment, and energy sectors.

They conveyed their contentment regarding the continuous growth of Pakistan-Russia ties and underscored the importance of bolstering cooperation across various domains.

President Putin received Prime Minister Kakar, leading to a comprehensive meeting addressing bilateral, regional, and global matters.

Their discussions extended to the potential for improving Eurasian connectivity, with a particular emphasis on Pakistan’s central role in promoting regional integration via rail, road, and energy networks.

The Prime Minister emphasized the significance of intensified regional integration to drive economic progress in the entire area. He also reaffirmed Pakistan’s dedication to bolstering and broadening cooperation with Russia in the realms of trade, investment, energy, connectivity, and counterterrorism.

The leaders also shared their perspectives on regional and global developments, notably focusing on the evolving Middle East situation.

Prime Minister Kakar, in his introductory remarks, underscored the alignment of Pakistan and Russia’s interests in countering terrorism. He emphasized the need for heightened cooperation and a united approach among Afghanistan’s neighboring nations, particularly in the domains of intelligence, defense, and counterterrorism.

Regarding bilateral collaboration, Kakar highlighted Pakistan’s energy deficiency, given its sizable 240 million population. He mentioned the recent productive engagement of Pakistan’s energy minister at an Energy Week event in Russia, where the Russian team presented concrete proposals to enhance energy cooperation.

Reflecting on his previous visit to Russia as a senator, the Prime Minister expressed his admiration for Russian architecture, particularly the representation of Christianity and churches. He also noted the cultural and ethical affinities shared by both nations, which extended beyond their region.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in his remarks, acknowledged the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Russia this year. He highlighted the significant potential for collaboration between the two countries, emphasizing the need for discussions on the vision and steps required to fortify cooperation across various domains.

Furthermore, President Putin noted the growth in trade relations, mentioning that Russia had supplied approximately one million tons of cereals to Pakistan this year.

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