PMD detects strong weather activity over southwest Arabian Sea


The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) issued a warning on Thursday regarding the potential formation of a significant weather disturbance over the southwestern region of the Arabian Sea.

In an advisory posted on the PMD’s Cyclone Warning Center’s website, it was reported that a well-defined low-pressure area (LPA), signifying a strong weather system, has developed in the southwest Arabian Sea. This system is positioned at approximately latitude 9.5 N and longitude 61.5 E, situated about 1,810 km southwest of Karachi and 1,750 km south of Gwadar.

The advisory further noted that the system is likely to intensify into a depression due to favorable environmental conditions. A depression is characterized by a region of low pressure that forms when unstable weather patterns prevail. Within a depression, warm air rises, leading to the development of low-pressure areas at the surface. This rising air cools, condenses, and contributes to cloud formation, often resulting in cloudy and wet weather.

The PMD also indicated that this strong weather system in the Arabian Sea is expected to progress further in a west/northwest direction towards the coast of Oman and Yemen.

However, the PMD clarified that “none of the coastal areas of Pakistan are expected to be directly impacted by this system.”

According to the PMD’s weekly weather forecast, dry weather is anticipated in most regions of the country, while northern areas may experience cold weather and occasional light rain accompanied by thunderstorms over the weekend.

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