Peshawar Court Imposes Triple Death Penalty on Child Rapist and Murderer

Peshawar Court

PESHAWAR: In the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), Peshawar, a court has pronounced a triple death sentence for a man, Asif Raza, also known as Malangay, who was found guilty of the heinous crimes of rape, murder, and the subsequent burning of an eight-year-old girl’s body. The Child Protection Court Judge, Hina Mehwish, handed down this judgment while also imposing a fine of Rs1 million on the convict.

The tragic discovery of the girl’s body in the Balukhel Bala area, under the jurisdiction of the Badbher police station, occurred on November 19, 2020, a day after she had gone missing. The girl’s family and local residents protested, prompting swift action by senior officials. A case was registered, and the accused was apprehended on December 11, 2020.

During the legal proceedings, the police informed the court that the accused had first raped and then murdered the young girl. Subsequently, he burned her remains and disposed of them in a cemetery. Additionally, it was revealed that multiple cases were previously registered against Raza at the Badabair Police Station.

This horrific incident came on the heels of the discovery of another tragedy, where a four-year-old boy named Tahirullah was found dead in the fields within the jurisdiction of the Badaber Police Station with his abdomen mutilated. Five days later, Aalya met a similar fate as she was killed, and her body was set on fire in the Balokhel area of Badaber. These events created a climate of fear in Badaber and the broader rural Peshawar region.

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