Pakistan is set to dispatch humanitarian assistance to Gaza in response to the Israeli offensive.


Pakistan is taking immediate action to provide humanitarian aid to the suffering Palestinians in Gaza who are enduring indiscriminate Israeli aggression. The Foreign Office (FO) strongly condemns the tragic situation in Gaza and states, “The government of Pakistan has resolved to swiftly dispatch relief aid to Gaza to alleviate the suffering of our Palestinian brothers and sisters.”

This decision comes in the wake of over 2,800 Palestinian casualties and more than 10,000 injuries caused by ongoing Israeli airstrikes in Gaza.

Pakistan is working in collaboration with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, relevant United Nations (UN) agencies, the government of Egypt, and its foreign missions worldwide to facilitate aid delivery to the Palestinians.

Additionally, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Jalil Abbas Jilani, has engaged in discussions with his Iranian counterpart, Hossein Amir Abdollahian, and both have concurred on taking urgent measures to provide humanitarian assistance. Jilani also spoke with Egypt’s Foreign Minister, Sameh Shukri, assuring Egypt of Pakistan’s support.

Amidst the chaos and despair in Gaza, over one million people have been forced to leave their homes as Israel continues its bombardment of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip and prepares for a potential ground invasion. Israel declared war on the group after fighters breached the heavily fortified border on October 7, resulting in significant casualties.

Furthermore, the UN Human Rights Office has expressed deep concern about the humanitarian crisis in the besieged Palestinian enclave. They have called for an immediate cessation of hostilities to enable the delivery of essential humanitarian aid, including access to water and food. The forced evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people to southern Gaza has intensified the humanitarian challenges in the region.

US President Joe Biden, during an interview with CBS News’s 60 Minutes, has also endorsed the establishment of a humanitarian corridor to facilitate the safe departure of people from the war-affected area and to allow the delivery of critical humanitarian assistance, including food and water, into Gaza.

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