Imran Khan confronts new challenges as NAB prepares a case for telethon fund misuse.

Imran Khan

In Islamabad, Imran Khan, the former Prime Minister and Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, finds himself entangled in a growing web of legal challenges. The latest addition to this array of cases is the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) initiating an investigation into the alleged misuse of funds from a telethon.

NAB has initiated a probe against the former cricket icon, Imran Khan, regarding the purported mismanagement of funds generated through telethon transmissions. It has been asserted that approximately Rs4.32 billion were raised during the telethon, but discrepancies in payments have raised concerns.

The NAB headquarters received an application requesting an inquiry into the alleged embezzlement of funds. Subsequently, this request was transformed into a full-scale investigation.

Imran Khan presently resides in detention, primarily due to a case involving the disclosure of state secrets. The court recently extended his detention by an additional two weeks, setting his release date for September 26.

Despite the suspension of a three-year jail term related to the Toshakhana case, the former cricket star remains incarcerated at Attock Jail. His legal woes continue to mount, with a staggering total of over 150 cases, including charges of blasphemy and terrorism. Last week, his judicial remand in the cipher case was extended until September 13, and it has now been prolonged once more, pushing his release date further into late September.

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