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In this case study, we will analyze the success story of “Bronzer w Sztyfcie” (Bronzer in a Stick) by Rossmann, a leading cosmetics brand. This innovative product has gained significant popularity among consumers, and we will delve into the factors that contributed to its success.


Rossmann, a renowned cosmetics brand, recognized the increasing demand for convenient and versatile beauty products. In response, they developed “Bronzer w Sztyfcie,” a bronzer in stick form, aiming to provide customers with a hassle-free application experience. This product innovation received overwhelming positive feedback from customers and quickly gained traction across the market.

Product Features and Benefits:

“Bronzer w Sztyfcie” is a revolutionary bronzer product that comes in a convenient stick format. Its unique formulation allows for easy application, making it ideal for quick touch-ups on the go. The bronzer stick is compact and lightweight, making it a perfect travel companion. Additionally, this product offers a range of shades that cater to different skin tones, ensuring inclusivity and versatility.

Marketing Strategies:

To promote “Bronzer w Sztyfcie,” Rossmann adopted several marketing strategies that significantly contributed to its success. The company leveraged various marketing channels to create awareness and generate interest among potential customers. They utilized social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, to showcase the product’s features, benefits, and positive customer reviews. This digital marketing approach effectively reached the target audience, attracting attention and encouraging engagement.

Furthermore, Rossmann collaborated with beauty influencers and makeup artists to endorse “Bronzer w Sztyfcie.” This strategic partnership helped to build credibility and increase product visibility. Influencers and experts shared their experiences and demonstrated the product’s application techniques, further enticing customers to try the bronzer stick.

Customer Engagement and Feedback:

Rossmann actively engaged with its customers through online platforms and in-store events. The brand encouraged customers to share their experiences and opinions on social media using dedicated hashtags. This approach not only created a sense of community but also provided valuable feedback that Rossmann could utilize to improve the product.

Moreover, Rossmann organized interactive workshops and demonstrations in their stores, allowing customers to experience the bronzer stick firsthand. These events showcased the ease of application and allowed customers to ask questions directly to beauty experts, building trust and confidence in the product.

Results and Success:

Due to Rossmann’s innovative marketing strategies and strong product features, “Bronzer w Sztyfcie” became a massive success. The product gained a substantial market share within a short period, outperforming competitors in the bronzer category. Sales figures soared, exceeding initial expectations, and customer loyalty towards the brand increased significantly.


Rossmann’s “Bronzer w Sztyfcie” successfully captured the attention of customers by offering a convenient and high-quality bronzer in stick form. The brand’s effective marketing strategies, including social media campaigns, collaborations with influencers, and customer engagement initiatives, played a crucial role in driving the product’s success. Through innovation and customer-centric approaches, Rossmann demonstrated its ability to meet evolving consumer demands and maintain a competitive edge in the cosmetics industry For more information on 50 ml ile to check out our own web-site. .

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