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Sihi Kahi Chandru biography

NAME Sihi Kahi Chandru
Occupation Actor, director, producer
Parents No
Spouses Sihi Kahi Geetha (m. 1990)
Born April 15, 1961 (age 57 years)
Children Hitha Chandrashekar
Siblings No
Early life Chandrashekar (born 1961), known by his stage name Sihi Kahi Chandru, which literally means “sweet and bitter” Chandru, is an Indian Kannada film and television actor.
Personal life No
Career His wife Sihi Kahi Geetha and he were the main protagonists in an old Doordarshan Kannada serial titled Sihi Kahi which was televised every Friday at the 7.00-7.30 slot, between 1986-87.
1st Movies/ Drama / Show 2015 – Devara Nadalli
Television 2011 – Akasmath
Citizenship Indian
Scandals Yes
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